This helper class adds support for a text-based menu system.


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var menu = UITextMenu();

Create an instance of the UITextMenu class. During construction the number of display columns will be stored, so make sure to set the correct display mode prior to calling.


menu.Menus: array

The menu class has a public array member variable called Menus which holds the structure of the menu system. The array is expected to hold table objects with the following slots:

Key Value
name:string The display name of the menu. Use the & prefix on one character to specify the shortcut key for keyboard mode.
right:bool This optional flag allows the last menu to be right-aligned on the menu bar. Note that only last item in the Menus array can have this flag set.
options:array An array of options for the menu. Note that nested sub-menus are not supported.

The options array should contain a list of tables with the following slots:

Key Value
name:string The display name of the menu option. Use the & prefix on one character to specify the shortcut key for keyboard navigation mode.
shortcut:string Optional shortcut text to be display right-aligned on the menu. Note the user code is responsible for processing shortcuts, this is a display feature only.
div:bool This optional flag changes the menu option into a separating line in the menu. Use this to group related menu options. When this mode is used, all other fields in the option table are ignored.
enabled:bool This optional field allows for menu options to be disabled. Disabled options will not register as a selection.
checked:bool This optional field, when set true, will draw a check-mark next to the option.

Note that other user-defined fields may be added to the option to assist with decoding selected options by assigning a unique identifier.


menu.Update(): bool

This is the primary function that handles running the menu system. It returns true if the menu is open or in keyboard navigation mode or a selection is available.

It is recommended that the Update


menu.Selection(): table|null

Acquires the last menu selection, or null if no selection has been made. Note that after a selection has been reported, the internal value is cleared and subsequent calls to this function will return null until a new selection is made.

The selection table contains the following slots:

Key Value
menu:int The index of the selected menu in the Menus array.
index:int The index in the menu options array (dividers are included).
option:table A reference to the array element in the menu that was selected (for easy access to any additional user-data.)


menu.IsOpen(): bool

Returns true if the menu is open, or in keyboard navigation mode. Input based application processing should be suspended while the menu is open.


menu.Refresh(): bool

Forces the menu to redraw itself.