Keyboard Constants


Special function keys are defined using the GCKey constant table.

Use these identifiers instead of literal values to ensure that any future changes to Grid Cartographer will not break compatibility with the script, and to improve readability of the script code.

Constant Key Pressed
GCKey.Break CTRL+C (CMD+C on macOS)
GCKey.Back Backspace
GCKey.Tab Tab
GCKey.Enter Return / Enter
GCKey.Esc Escape
GCKey.Up Cursor Up
GCKey.Right Cursor Right
GCKey.Down Cursor Down
GCKey.Left Cursor Left
GCKey.Ins Insert
GCKey.Del Delete
GCKey.Home Home
GCKey.End End
GCKey.PageUp Page Up
GCKey.PageDown Page Down
GCKey.F1 F1
GCKey.F2 F2
GCKey.F3 F3
GCKey.F4 F4
GCKey.F5 F5
GCKey.F6 F6
GCKey.F7 F7
GCKey.F8 F8
GCKey.F9 F9
GCKey.F10 F10
GCKey.F11 F11
GCKey.F12 F12