Error Constants


The API defines a set of standard error codes for all functions. These constant values are declared as integer type values. Always check for error codes!

Constant Value Description
GCOK 0 Function was successful. No error.
GCERR_FAIL -1 General unspecified error.
GCERR_INVARG -2 Invalid argument. The parameter to a function (e.g. a file name or drive letter) was not in the correct format.
GCERR_EOF -3 End of file reached when reading.
GCERR_NODRIVE -4 Attempt to access a virtual drive in the File Store which does not exist.
GCERR_NOENT -5 Attempt to access a file which does not exist.
GCERR_EXISTS -6 Trying to rename or move a file where the new name already exists. Or trying to create a drive that already exists.
GCERR_INVDST -7 Invalid destination argument, e.g. when renaming.
GCERR_ACCESS -8 Access is not permitted. e.g. trying to write to a file opened for reading.
GCERR_ABORT -9 Function was aborted, typically by the user. e.g. cancelling a file selector.
GCERR_ILLDEVFN -10 Illegal device function. The device does not support this function. e.g. trying to get length of CON: