Tile Data Models


Map grids are represented internally using a data model dependent on the shape of the grid. Below are diagrams of how data fields of standard region types in exported data relate to the map displayed in the editor.

Common Elements

Each tile holds the following common fields regardless of the shape of the grid:

Flags: which specify which of the field effect colors (red, green or blue), darkness and/or ceiling attributes have been applied to the tile.

Marker Layer: Specifies the marker used in this tile. See the marker table for a complete list.

Terrain Layer: Specifies the terrain style used in the tile. See the terrain table for a complete list.

Square Grid

The square grid model specifies a right and a bottom edge for the tile. To make a full square requires additional tiles to the left and above this one.

Square Model

Hex 'H' Grid

Hexagon grids introduce the 'I' (intermediate) edge. For the horizontal hexagon grid type this specifies an additional edge on the right side.

Hex 'H' Model

Hex 'V' Grid

In vertical hexagon grids the intermediate edge specifies an additional bottom edge.

Hex 'V' Model