Edge Styles


This is a list of edge styles sorted by their code value. These values are used by the XML export and script APIs.

Value Edge Style
0 None / empty
1 Wall
2 Standard door (capacitor style)
3 Locked door
4 Hidden door
5 One-way door (exiting left or up)
6 One-way hidden door (exiting left or up)
7 One-way wall (exiting left or up)
8 One-way door (exiting right or down)
9 One-way hidden door (exiting right or down)
10 One-way wall (exiting right or down)
12 Empty door frame
13 Secret wall
14 Trapped door
15 Half door (left side)
16 Half door (right side)
17 Half wall (left side)
18 Half wall (right side)
19 Button (facing left or up)
20 Button (facing right or down)
21 Torch (facing left or up)
22 Torch (facing right or down)
23 Lever (facing left or up)
24 Lever (facing right or down)
25 Bars
26 Torch (double sided)
27 Gate / portcullis
28 Message / rune wall
29 Secret Door
30 Niche (facing left or up)
31 Niche (facing right or down)
32 Keyhole wall
33 Standard door (box style)
34 Trapped wall