Edge Style Material Suffixes


The right-hand column gives the text appended to the material name when the One per- Edge Style option is enabled in the mesh export settings.

Edge Style Material Suffix
Plain wall _wall
Standard door _door
Locked door _locked
Hidden door _hidden
One-way door (facing left or up) _oneway_door_lu
One-way hidden door (left/up) _oneway_hidden_lu
One-way wall (left/up) _oneway_wall_lu
One-way door (facing right or down) _oneway_door_rd
One-way hidden door (right/down) _oneway_hidden_rd
One-way wall (right/down) _oneway_wall_rd
Empty frame _frame
Secret wall _secret_wall
Trapped door _door_trapped
Half-door (left side) _door_half_left
Half-door (right side) _door_half_right
Half-wall (left side) _wall_half_left
Half-wall (right side) _wall_half_right
Button wall (facing left or up) _btn_lu
Button wall (facing right or down) _btn_rd
Torch wall (facing left or up) _torch_lu
Torch wall (facing right or down) _torch_rd
Lever (facing left or up) _lever_lu
Lever (facing right or down) _lever_rd
Bars _bars
Double-sided torch wall _torch_pair
Gate _gate
Message wall _rune
Secret door _secret_door
Niche (facing left or up) _niche_lu
Niche (facing right or down) _niche_rd
Keyhole wall _keyhole
Door (box style) _door_box
Corner wall _wall_corner