System Naming Conventions


Note that not all systems listed below are fully supported and are provided here for future reference only. The international or originating country of the console is used where variations exist (e.g. 'Mega Drive' rather than 'Genesis').

Console / Computer System Abbreviation
Atari ST ST
Amiga series AMI
Commodore 64 C64
Commodore Plus/4 PLUS4
Commodore VIC-20 VIC20
Game Boy GB
Game Boy Advance GBA
Game Boy Color GBC
IBM-PC compatible DOS DOS
Mega-CD / Sega CD MCD
MSX series MSX
Nintendo DS DS
Nintendo Entertainment System NES
PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 PCE
PC-8800 series PC88
PC-9800 series PC98
Sega Game Gear GG
Sega Master System SMS
Sega Mega Drive / Genesis MD
Sega Saturn SAT
Sharp X68000 X68
Sinclair ZX Spectrum ZX
Sony PlayStation PS1
Super Nintendo SNES