Grid Cartographer Manual


Welcome to the preliminary Grid Cartographer manual. It's currently in a very early state of development.

If you have any immediate questions over the functionality in Grid Cartographer, please use the contact page to ask directly, join our Discord chat server, or post on the forum.

Warning: Not all functionality described in the manual is available in the Gamer Edition. I'm working to be more granular about this in a future update. For now, check the features page for a comparison.

Planned updates: Search is a planned feature for this homemade document server, as is linking via hashtags to sub-sections of a document.

Legacy Documents

Prior to this website, there existed several documents in PDF format. These documents are available here while the work to combine them fully into this site is completed.

PDF Input Quick Reference (Windows / Linux)

PDF Input Quick Reference (macOS)

PDF Scripting Manual