What is Game Link?


Game Link is a feature of Grid Cartographer to assist with creating maps for games. It pulls the position of the player from inside the game's memory and applies it to the 'avatar marker' cursor in the Grid Cartographer viewport.

game link demo

Is this an auto-map?

No, Game Link is not the same thing as an auto-map. An auto-map would read (or otherwise access) environmental data from a game. A more accurate description of Game Link would be "auto-tracking". You will still need to draw your own map and describe the world around you while you play.

The benefit of auto-tracking is that you no longer have to 'count steps' when drawing the map, or manually move the cursor around yourself. It doesn't take away the fun of exploring the environment for yourself!

Is every game supported?

Not yet. Support for each game has to be hand-crafted to cater to the particular way the original game was coded.

Over 30 games are supported across a number of platforms and more are being added. The full list includes most of the games from the Wizardry and Might & Magic series as well as Eye of the Beholder and Pool of Radiance.

More games are being added and will be listed in future updates as they are developed!