Additional Features


In addition to the Grid Cartographer focused additions, DOSBox Gridc includes a few bonus features over the official DOSBox release that may improve your experience.

Wizardry 6 / 7 Audio Fixes

The official DOSBox emulation of the PC Speaker causes noticeable audio popping artefacts in both Wizardry 6 and Wizardry 7. DOSBox Gridc includes specially developed fixes for these games to improve the audio quality.

To enable the correct fix, add the corresponding line into dosbox.conf under the [speaker] section.

  • For Wizardry 6: wizpopfix=6
  • For Wizardry 7: wizpopfix=7

Note: the audio popping is only partially fixed for Wizardry 7 and may still have issues if the in-game volume controls are adjusted from defaults. To disable this feature, remove the line completely, or use wizpopfix=0.

Custom Window Title

By default, the application window of DOSBox shows the name of the application, the current speed setting and a number of other technical details. In DOSBox Gridc, this can be overridden with a custom line of text, for example the full name of the game.

To set the override, use the windowtitle variable in the dosbox.conf under the [sdl] section. For example: windowtitle=The Text You Want will cause the window to display this:


Disable Game Link

If you'd like to run DOSBox Gridc without any Game Link functionality, you can add the following line to the [sdl] section: