XML Export


Grid Cartographer can export the map (or current region) to an XML based format for use in game development and visualisation tasks. The specification of the XML elements in the exported data are available in the technical reference book.


Click the File menu in an editor viewport and open the Export sub-menu. Select the Map as XML... option to export the entire map to XML, or Region as XML... option to export just the currently active region. Alternatively, right-click the region tab on the region bar, choose Export from the menu and then either Region as XML... or Map as XML... from the sub-menu.

A file selector will open, choose the destination and file name and click OK. The export process will then begin and once completed you will be notified of success (or failure) with a message box.


The options for XML export are available from the 'G' menu. To access it, click G, choose the Export Data page.

Include Color Palette: If enabled, the <palette> element will be included in the exported data.